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Apartments available for rent immediately — Hämeenlinna

Hämeenlinna is a beautiful and pleasant town that offers great nature and lush landscapes. Hämeenlinna is small enough to ensure safe and peaceful living but large enough to offer good services, jobs, education and plenty of hobbies. Everything is near in Hämeenlinna.

The city advertises itself as a place where people are happier than average. According to locals, they get to spend their time living, not queueing. There are many families living in Hämeenlinna and, in 2013, the city was recognised as a Child-Friendly City by UNICEF.

Good connections across Finland

Hämeenlinna is located at a central spot, within an hour’s drive from Helsinki, half an hour from Tampere and two hours from Turku. In addition to good connections by car, the Hämeenlinna also has excellent train and bus connections.

Historical city

Founded in 1639, Hämeenlinna is the oldest city in Finland. The city was originally built around the castle, and one can still feel the presence of history in the beautiful Aulanko area. Many of the historical buildings still exist in Hämeenlinna, and Häme Castle is the most famous of these.

Own rental apartment in Hämeenlinna

You can now have your own Lumo rental apartment in Hämeenlinna. The popular city has many different residential areas. Your new home could be located in the town centre, in a pleasant suburb near the centre, or in a peaceful residential area further away from the centre. Public transport between the districts is smooth and functional, and bicycles are a popular way to get around Hämeenlinna.

Live in the town centre

The centre of Hämeenlinna dates back to 1777. Everything is close in the historical centre. The railway station, bus station, theatre, a range of museums, Culture and Congress Center Verkatehdas and a green city park are all located in the town centre. There are many Lumo rental apartments in the centre of Hämeenlinna for residents who are looking for a central location. The centre is relatively sparsely populated for a town of this size, and the houses are located in a pleasant and green environment.

Kettumäki and Katuma

Kettumäki and Katuma are excellent choices for people who want to live close by the centre of Hämeenlinna but in a quiet neighbourhood. Kettumäki is located north of Hämeenlinna, a few kilometres from the town centre, and Katuma is located five kilometres to the west.

Ahvenisto and Jukola

Ahvenisto is famous for its historical barracks, and the area is located near the centre of Hämeenlinna. Ahvenisto offers scenic outdoor tracks and many options for hobbies, all of which are located near Lumo rental apartments. The popular Ahvenisto indoor swimming pool is open every summer. The district of Jukola is located near Ahvenisto and its many outdoor recreation options. Hämeenlinna Central Hospital is also located in Jukola.

Hätilä and Laaniitty

Hätilä is close enough to the town centre to be accessible by foot. Lake Katumajärvi with its beaches and trekking paths is also located within walking distance of the Lumo apartments in Hätilä. Laaniitty is located in the immediate vicinity of Hätilä, close to all its services. The beautiful Aulanko area is located within a couple of kilometres of Laaniitty.


Rental apartments in Kauriala are located in a popular spot near the town centre and the Tiiriö shopping centre. Kauriala has its own schools and services for the residents.


Keinusaari is located near the town centre. Lake Vanajavesi separates Keinusaari from the town centre, and there are two bridges connecting the two areas. Keinusaari is home to Culture and Congress Center Verkatehdas, which houses several interesting events every year.

Hämeenlinna offers different types of housing for all needs, including apartments for single people, couples and families.

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Lumo is a safe and reliable lessor that provides tenants with the best possible rental housing and services.

Some Lumo homes can be rented immediately via Lumo webstore that works as a self-service. To browse our full range of apartments and read more information about Lumo services, please refer to the Lumo.fi website.

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