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In Lumo webstore you can select and rent an apartment directly by yourself online, free of charge. We don't use brokers and therefore you don't need to pay a broker's fee.

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In Lumo webstore you can select and rent an apartment directly by yourself online, - without middlemen, broker's fee or a security deposit. The tenancy agreement is confirmed by paying the first month's rent. The amount of rent is defined by the length of the lease you choose. New buildings will always have a twelve month fixed-term agreement.

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Apartments available for rent immediately — Helsinki

Cosy rental homes in the capital city

Helsinki is a beautiful and lively city to live in. The modern and busy capital city is the primary business and economic hub in Finland, which means Helsinki also has many employment opportunities. Helsinki is an international, open and safe European city that is located conveniently on the shore of the Baltic Sea.

Helsinki was the World Design Capital for 2012, and in 2014, UNESCO recognised it as a City of Design. Helsinki is known across the world for its innovativeness, technological advances, marine atmosphere, architecture, cleanliness and safety. Helsinki Cathedral, Market Square and Suomenlinna are among the best-known sights in Helsinki.

Sea and nature

Helsinki is surrounded by water, and there are many recreational islands just off the coast. The islands can be reached by car, and everyone in Helsinki is welcome to enjoy the shoreline. Nature is always nearby, even in the city centre: the green central park stretches for a thousand hectares from the Töölönlahti Bay to northern Helsinki. Each residential area has its own outdoor recreational area, making Helsinki a perfect city for enjoying nature in all seasons.

Functional public transport and excellent services

Helsinki has a functional network of public transport and excellent services that are accessible from across the city, which makes it a good place to live in. Services such as children’s day care, schools and health centres are located close to every resident.

Even if you live a bit further away from the centre, you can access it easily and quickly by train, bus, metro or tram. Pedestrian and bicycle traffic has been one of the focus areas of urban planning in Helsinki, and many residents commute by bike.

Lumo rental housing in Helsinki

Helsinki has apartments for all needs. Apartment buildings are the most common housing type in Helsinki, but the suburbs also have single-family houses. If you want to live in the city centre, your apartment is likely to be slightly smaller than in the suburbs. There are many Lumo rental apartments across Helsinki, suitable for single residence, couples and families alike.

Helsinki has many newly developed residential areas, but also new construction in existing neighbourhoods. In Helsinki, your Lumo rental apartment could be in a classy 1950s stone house, a brand new apartment building or anywhere in between.

Lumo rental apartments in the city centre

There are many Lumo apartments in central Helsinki. Districts such as Punavuori, Töölö and Kallio have a long standing as residential areas in Helsinki. Each of these has its own unique atmosphere that sets it apart. Pasila is located within a few minutes from the centre by train, and it is a popular option for residents who want to live near the city centre.

Rental housing by the sea in Helsinki

Helsinki has many beautiful residential areas that are located by or near the sea. Kalasatama and Hernesaari are the latest new housing projects in Helsinki, and there are several cosy Lumo rental apartments in both. In addition to the sea, Kalasatama and Hernesaari are also close to the city centre. The older residential area of Lauttasaari, located to the south of Helsinki, is a popular neighbourhood with Lumo rental apartments that are close to services. Merihaka has traditionally been popular among students, and it offers many rental apartments within a short tram-ride from the city centre.

Cosy rental housing by the metro line in eastern Helsinki

Residential areas by the metro line in eastern Helsinki include Vuosaari, which is the largest residential area in Helsinki by area, and the districts of Rastila, Kontula, Itäkeskus, Herttoniemi, Vartiokylä and Roihuvuori. The large Aurinkolahti beach, which is perhaps the finest sandy beach in Helsinki, is located in Vuosaari and known for its Southern European-like feel. All of these areas in eastern Helsinki have Lumo rental apartments of different sizes, all located in nice environments close to good connections and services.

Green suburbs in central and norther Helsinki

The residential areas in central and northern parts of Helsinki are famous for their scenic parks and excellent green areas. In addition to the central park, there are beautiful green areas in Pirkkola, Paloheinä and Tali, offering opportunities for outdoor activities in all seasons. Residential areas with Lumo apartments in central Helsinki include Haaga, Kannelmäki, Konala and Oulunkylä. There are both single and family apartments available in these areas. Popular residential areas in northern Helsinki include Malmi, Tapanila, Tapaninkylä, Tapulikaupunki and Suutarila. The Lumo apartments by the railway are particularly popular in these areas: in addition to a pleasant environment, they offer excellent connections to both south and north.

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Lumo is a safe and reliable lessor that provides tenants with the best possible rental housing and services.

Some Lumo homes can be rented immediately via Lumo webstore that works as a self-service. To browse our full range of apartments and read more information about Lumo services, please refer to the website.

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