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In Lumo webstore you can select and rent an apartment directly by yourself online, free of charge. We don't use brokers and therefore you don't need to pay a broker's fee.

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In Lumo webstore you can select and rent an apartment directly by yourself online, - without middlemen, broker's fee or a security deposit. The tenancy agreement is confirmed by paying the first month's rent. The amount of rent is defined by the length of the lease you choose. New buildings will always have a twelve month fixed-term agreement.

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Apartments available for rent immediately — Hyvinkää

Hyvinkää is a compact, versatile and green town in the Uusimaa region.

Hyvinkää benefits from being close to the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, and many of its residents work in the capital region. Public transportation works smoothly to all directions, and the railway makes travelling fast and easy. Hyvinkää offers extensive services to its residents, and nature is never far in this town.

Old railway town

Hyvinkää was originally built along the railway line that connected Helsinki with Hämeenlinna. The primary construction site for the railway was founded on uninhabited forest land in 1857. The small population centre of workers grew gradually and expanded around the railway station and wool factory over the years. Hyvinkää received the title of town in 1960.

Green town with dozens of lakes

Hyvinkää has six large lakes of over a hundred hectares, along with dozens of smaller ones. There are also many nature reserves and excellent outdoor recreation areas across Hyvinkää. Ridasjärvi, Ritasaarensuo and Järvisuo are great areas for outdoor recreation and hiking.

Nice atmosphere in central Hyvinkää

Hyvinkää church is the landmark of the town. The triangular church was designed by Aarno Ruusuvuori in 1961, and it is made from pine and concrete. The Railway Museum is also a popular attraction among locals and visitors alike. The town centre still has some old wooden houses that give it a nice and friendly feel. All in all, the centre of Hyvinkää is compact and functional, housing a range of events for the residents.

Hyvinkää has also received national recognition for its functional centre: in 2015, it was selected as the best urban centre in Finland.

Lumo rental apartments in Hyvinkää

Living in Hyvinkää is easy. There are Lumo rental apartments in both the town centre and other residential areas. The Lumo apartments in Hyvinkää are suitable for different needs, including families, couples and single people. All the Lumo rental apartments in Hyvinkää have excellent locations near services and public transportation. Hyvinkää has a functional road network, good bicycle lanes and efficient public transport.

Tehdas – a developing residential area in the centre

Tehdas is a new residential area in central Hyvinkää, built in the area of the old wool factory. It has charming old wooden houses and recently constructed new buildings. In Tehdas, you can live in a Lumo rental apartment in the immediate vicinity of shopping centre Willa and its services. Willa has extensive services and shops, and there are also schools and day care centres in the area. Hyvinkää railway station is located 1.5 kilometres from Tehdas.

Mustamännistö – a pleasant residential area near the centre

The pleasant residential area of Mustamännistö is located two kilometres from the centre of Hyvinkää. The Lumo rental apartments in Mustamännistö are housed in idyllic apartment buildings that are protected by the National Board of Antiquities and located near excellent green areas. Mustamännistö also has schools and day-care centres and a grocery store.

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Lumo is a safe and reliable lessor that provides tenants with the best possible rental housing and services.

Some Lumo homes can be rented immediately via Lumo webstore that works as a self-service. To browse our full range of apartments and read more information about Lumo services, please refer to the website.

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